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Where did the idea for the festival come from?
Ian Hallmond began the festival in 2018 as an individual initiative. It was inspired by his love of writing and the Baha'i Faith, and a group of supportive Baha'i friends. This year, he invited Naysan Naraqi and June Perkins to be part of the organising taskforce.
Where is the festival being held?
The festival is being held at the Baha'i Centre of Learning, Brisbane: 26 Mayneview St, Milton 4064 QLD, Australia.
Where can I park?
You may park in a nearby street or on the actual street of the event, however, there is minimal parking space available after 3:00pm and we suggest that you use public transport where possible. There is a nearby station at Milton which is a short walk to the venue. For planning your public transport, please visit:

A stadium event may be taking place on Saturday, 18 May 2019. If this is the case, and you're leaving and returning to the venue for the evening session, please be aware of traffic conditions. Please let the police know that you have to attend a Baha'i event and they will let you know where you can park.

Lastly, please do not use private car parks of the neighbouring businesses during business hours.
Who can attend?
All Baha'is and like-minded friends are welcome to attend, as much of the focus will be on Baha'i-inspired content and experiences.
How many people can attend this event?
There is only space for 100 people to attend the event, so get your tickets today.
When do I need to register by?
Please register online by 5pm on Wednesday, 15 May 2019.

Please note that there are 4 different types of tickets that you can buy, depending on whether you'd like to register for meals as well.
Can I only register and buy a ticket for one day?
The registration cost is for the entire event. We encourage you to attend the entire festival as there is a program of equal quality on both days.
Can I bring my own food, or are there restaurants close to the venue?
There is only a McDonalds restaurant that is walking distance from the venue.

You're welcome to bring your own food to the festival, but please note that refrigeration is not available.
Is there reserved seating?
There is no reserved seating. Please be at the venue early enough to secure your preferred seat.
Can I register at the event?
If all tickets have not been sold online, registration will be open on Saturday morning (18 May) until sold out. Please note: only cash payments will be accepted in person.
How do I buy a ticket online?
Tickets may be purchased via Eventbrite. Eventbrite offers a secure payment gateway that accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit or credit cards.
Can I sell my books and CDs at the event?
For all sales at the event, please contact Ian Hallmond from the Ink of Light team. His email is
Why is there a registration fee?
The Ink of Light festival is an individual initiative, and a registration fee helps us to cover basic costs and improve the quality of the program and festival as a whole. The festival is currently being made possible through individual financial contributions and with the help of volunteers, however, the team is striving to make this festival financially self-sufficient.
Can I apply to present?
We already have a full schedule of presenters for the 2019 festival. However, if you'd like to present at future Ink of Light festivals, we'd love to hear from you so please send our team an email at
Can I be sponsored to attend the event?
Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer sponsorship, but this is something we are looking into for future festivals.
When do I need to confirm meal registration by?
We will need you to confirm meal registration by 5pm on 15 May 2019 as we need to put the orders in the following day. To register for meals, please purchase a ticket that includes meals. Please note that you will not be able to join the meal order on the day of the festival.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available. Sadly, we cannot cater for other dietary requirements.

We are offering meal registration due to the limited availability of nearby food venues, and with the hope that attendees are able to maximise their time together during the meal breaks.
Will the meals cater for my dietary requirement?
When you purchase a ticket that includes meals, vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available. Sadly, we won't be able to cater for other dietary requirements. If we're not able to cater for your dietary requirement, we recommend that you bring food with you to the festival that doesn't need to be refrigerated.
Can I get a refund for my ticket?
Yes, you can. However, please note that refunds for meals can only be given when requested before 5pm on 15 May 2019 AEST as we need to confirm numbers for our food order. The $15 registration amount can be refunded when requested before 5pm on 17 May 2019.

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